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Anime traps are a type of character that has become increasingly popular in recent years. These characters are usually male but dress and act like females. They are often used for comic relief or as objects of desire for the male characters in the story.

While some people find them visually appealing, others appreciate the irony and humor that they bring to the story. Whatever the reason, anime traps are here to stay.

What are the best anime traps? This is a question that has been asked by many fans of anime, manga, and Japanese cartoons. A trap is a character who is transgender or cross-dressing, usually for deception. Or sometimes in the form of a vampire or other characters.

While some people find traps to be offensive, others find them to be intriguing and interesting anime characters. This website will explore some of the best anime traps in both the comedy and drama genres.

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What you see is NOT always what you get!

What is an anime trap?

Anime trap is a term used to describe a character in an anime who appears to be a girl but is actually a boy. This can be due to the character’s physical appearance, mannerisms, or even voice.

Anime traps are often used as a source of comedy in anime, but they can also be serious characters. Whatever the case, anime traps are always sure to confuse and surprise viewers.

Anime trap refers to a character in an anime series who appears to be female but is actually male. This type of character is often used for comedic purposes and is typically presented as being very feminine in appearance.

The are also the so-called “reverse traps,” which are less common but no less entertaining!

While anime trap characters are usually shown in a positive light, some people have criticized them for being offensive to transgender people.

In any case, trap themes are some of the best anime in the world. Check it out and enjoy!

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